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E-bike rental in Groningen

Welcome on the bike rental website of TrendEwheels. In Groningen the specialist in the field of electric mobility. If you're not interested in renting an e-bike, but in the purchase of an electric bike, than take a look at (at the moment only in Dutch)

Electric bikes

Because TrendEwheels is specialized in electric mobility, you can only rent e-bikes and not 'normal' bikes. But take this from us, if you tried an electric bike once, then you will no longer see the point in using an ordinary bike!

Groningen bicylce city

The city of Groningen is the bicycle capital of the Netherlands and if not, the world! Nowhere in the world there are relatively more peope cycling as in Groningen. And from the city center you cycle in around 15 minutes to the 'ommerlanden', the  surrounding country, the province of Groningen. The province of Groningen has a very varied nature: extensive polders, one of the oldest cultural landscapes of Europe, beautiful lakes and all adjacent to the World Heritage Wadden Sea. So also the nature lover is in Groningen not easily bored. The city and the province lend themselves therefore perfect to be explored on the e-bike. 

Our TrendEwheels N7 electrical rental bikes are provided 500Wh batteries, so you can easily make a route of 100 kilometers without recharge. From the city a roundtrip to Pieterburen, Lauwersoog, Zoutkamp or in the direction of Delfzijl and Appingedam is no problem!

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